Toro VS Exmark: How to choose the Best

Toro and Exmark are two popular brands for lawn mowers that have almost the same functions. A majority of Exmark models are commercial models made by Toro. The two mowers can greatly improve productivity with a 43% larger cutting area than a traditional 21-inch mower. Traditionally, Toro’s excellent service and flawless performances have drawn users to Toro. Exmark, on the other hand, is designed and built to match those of top-end lawnmowers. It also offers well-organized and smooth-riding facilities for its customers.

If you want to pick out the best gardening and farming instruments, you should consider what your needs are. Most lawnmower users, however, are unsure of what lawnmower they should choose. However, to save you the stress of choosing between the two lawn mower brands, we have prepared this article to compare the two brands and their specifications.

Toro: Functions and Features

Toro lawn mower

A Toro riding lawn mower offers a smooth, fast ride that is comfortable and well built. Many Toro customers report a 45 percent time savings compared to their existing mower when using our zero-turn radius riding mowers. Not only will you be able to enjoy your mower for longer, but it will also perform better.


All Toro lawn mowers maintain a self-driving style. A vehicle’s speed can also be changed. The Toro mowers are capable of regulating their speed automatically based on the user’s walking pace as well. Some models can adjust their speeds in an hour up to 4.8 miles. You can easily move around in a stiff position thanks to the featherweight activity and quick response times. Additionally, the Spin Stop feature enables you to step away from the machine without having to restart it. Toro mowers can be effectively used on rough or bumpy surfaces. The wide dimension of the back wheels helps the trimmer create a brilliant cut on grasses.

A Toro High Wheel Push Mower is an excellent choice for creating and managing a small area with a leveled surface. There is an easy-to-access Wash-Out Port on Toro lawn mowers. A feature included in some mowers allows the decks to be cleaned quickly and efficiently. It is also easy to maintain mower blades.


Turo emphasizes its front and rear two-point blade height adjustment, allowing you to select the preferred cut height without walking around the mower. To help operators disengage blades without having to stop the engine, Toro features a blade brake clutch.

Toro provides the following features :

  • Guards for brushes and engines
  • The deck is equipped with skid plates
  • Front and rear metal doors
  • Front bumper made of steel with a bullnose
  • Front bumper with a bullnose for impact absorption
  • Wheels constructed of polymer-coated co-polymer

Exmark: Functions and Features

As a manufacturer of professional turf care equipment, Exmark Manufacturing was formed in May 1982. It is one of the leading commercial mower manufacturers currently in the market. Throughout, Engines from Exmark performed as well as or better than engines from other manufacturers. Each Exmark engine features overhead valves (OHV), which reduce fuel consumption and emissions as well as engine temperatures.


It is impossible to beat Exmark at cutting tall grass. Hydraulic pumps drive Exmark’s motorized wheels. It was normal for these systems to last one thousand hours prior to 2009. When these two units were merged into one in 2009, they eliminated hydraulic lines and made the design dramatically different. In terms of life expectancy, these components have 1,500 – 2,000 hours remaining. Mowers from Exmark have been transformed by the use of RED technology. As a result of this feature, Exmark’s models have a wide range of high-tech power-control facilities and distinctive functions.

Steel decks with welded reinforcement are featured on the Exmark. Additionally, its transfer case was custom-built for its specific specifications, with shafts that had internal wet clutches for longer life and drive belts that automatically tensioned. Enhanced Control System, or ECS, is a feature patented exclusively by Exmark. Pedal guides on ECS walk-behinds are positioned to facilitate the natural positioning of the rider’s hands.


In addition to its upgraded transmission and positive drive design, Exmark boasts the ability to drive both wheels simultaneously for maximum traction under any circumstance. It has the following features as well:

  • Housing for the blower is made from steel
  • The handle and driving lever relieve hand pressure
  • foamy and comfortable handles
  • Cylinder liners cast in iron
  • Air and oil filter bases fabricated from cast aluminum
  • Lubrication by dual splashes and by pressurization
  • Air filtration by Quad-Clean
  • Parking brakes

Common Features and Specifications of Toro and Exmark

In terms of features and specifications, both lawnmowers have certain things in common. These are outlined below:


The common features of Toro and Exmark are given below:

Construction of the Deck

Toyo and Exmark models come with heavy-duty steel decks, while Toro makes use of stamped steel with welded reinforcement.

Drive system

They both come with rear-wheel-drive, variable-speed sealed transmissions. In addition to internal wet clutches, Exmark’s transmission is fitted with a self-tensioning belt drive that increases lifetime.


Commercial customers tend to value durability above all else. Both of the mowers- Toro and Exmark have been designed with this in mind,


 The common specs between Toro and Exmark are given below:

  • A three-in-one model that can be switched between bagging, side discharge, and mulching.
  • The fuel tank is of one gallon
  • The blades are twin-bladed
  • Half-inch increments on a 1.5- to 5-inch cut height
  • ground speeds can be tailored from 3.8 mph to unlimited.
  • In terms of speed, the Toro is also very similar at 4.1.
  • 170 pounds in weight
  • Bag capacity is 2.5 bushels

So, as you can see from the article Toro and Exmark both offer many attractive unique features and some common features as well. Toro is available at a reasonable price, and Exmark is a bit higher in price with high quality and features. You can just settle in one of the lawnmowers according to your needs and ability.

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