John Deere 4200 Specs, Attachments, Weight, Price, Engine and More

John Deere 4200 is a reliable and powerful tractor that can handle all types of farm tasks. It has a wide variety of attachments and options to choose from, making it perfect for any size farm. The John Deere 4200 is also a great choice for those who are looking for an economical tractor option.

John Deere 4200 Specifications:

Production TypeCompact Utility tractor
Overall Width (Minimum)MFWD – 1.43m (56.3 in.)
Length297 cm
Height From Ground To Top of HoodMFWD – 1.28m (50.4 in.)
FactoryAugusta, Georgia, USA
Clearance (rear axle)10.5 inches
4WD Width127 cm
4WD Wheelbase172 cm
Height From Ground To Top of Standard ROPS2WD – 2.05m (81.0 in.)
Ground Clearance, Rear Axle26.7cm (10.5 in.)
Capacity6.3 gal 23.8 L (gear), 6.8 gal 25.7 L (hydro)
2WD Width53 inches
2WD Wheelbase65 inches (165 cm)
Height From Ground To Top of Folding ROPS2.2m (87.0 in.)
Inside Width (Maximum)2WD – 72.5cm (28.5 in.)
Inside Width (Minimum)MFWD – 74.4cm (29.2 in.)
Overall Width (Maximum)MFWD – 1.73m (68.2 in.)
Pressure2125 psi (146.5 bar)
Pump flow27.6 lpm
Weight (2WD)1077 kg (2375 lb)
Weight (MFWD)1213 kg (2675 lb)
Hydro PTO (claimed)20 hp
Oil type122o?0oF [50o?-17oC]
Total flow12.3 gpm
Transmissions9-speed partially synchronized
Gear PTO (claimed)21.5 hp (16.0 kW)
Engine (net)24.3 hp (18.1 kW)
Engine (gross)26.3 hp
Differential lockmechanical
Chassis4×2 2WD
CabTwo-post ROPS.
Brakesdifferential wet disc
Front Tires7.00-12 4PR R1 TI (MFWD)
Engine RPM540@2700, 2100@2700
Clutchwet disc
Mid PTOoptional
Mid RPM2100
Rear PTOindependent
Rear RPM540
Rear Tires14.00-17.5 6PR R4 TI

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John Deere 4200 is a reliable tractor that is great for larger yards. It has a wide variety of attachments and capabilities that make it perfect for a variety of uses. If you are looking for a dependable tractor that can handle large tasks, John Deere 4200 is a great option.

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